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Hyundai Electrified

A New Era of Hybrid and Electrified vehicles has arrived. 

The Future is here and even brighter for Hyundai. In pursuit of a sustainable future for all, Hyundai continues to emerge as pioneer and global leader in its committed effort to accelerate electrification strategy.

What is Certified Pre-owned?

Certified Pre-owned is our 'Hyundai Promise' to you that provides the confidence and satisfaction to know that, when you purchase a previously-owned vehicle from us, we'll ensure it's as worthy as our latest/new vehicles.

Together, Let's Save More On Your Fuel Bill

What if you could save up to 20% annually on your fuel bill? This summer many of us saw a steep increase in our fuel budget for day-to-day driving and summer road-trips - with record numbers of trips and sky-high gas prices throughout BC.

Spring Service and What You Should Know About Wheel Alignment & Suspension

Harsh winters take a toll on our streets and roads and the results can be detrimental to your vehicle. Poor road conditions like potholes and broken asphalt are more common after snowy winter months and can cause severe damage and potentially harm your vehicle's alignment and/or suspension components.

Hyundai Genuine Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts - What You Should Know

Genuine Hyundai Parts are designed and engineered specifically for your Hyundai and are not simply replacement parts. 

‘Expanding Human Reach’ through Robotics, the Metaverse & ‘Metamobility’ with Hyundai

Earlier this month Hyundai Motor Company shared a vision for pioneering the use of robotics in the real world through virtual reality and the metaverse. This vision was shared under the theme of 'Expanding Human Reach'and reflected how the company's robotics business has a goal to help drive the paradigm shift in future mobility reaching beyond the traditional means of transportation to an unlimited freedom of movement for all.

Team Hyundai's Favourite Winter Comfort Foods

We all have our favorite 'comfort foods' - the dishes we turn to during these cold winter months or when we just want to feel good. Everyone has their own personal list, but here are a few of our favourites here at Vernon Hyundai.

First look: 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

If you can't beat 'em, build pickup trucks to join 'em. That's what Hyundai is doing with its Santa Cruz pickup truck. Originally previewed in 2015 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Hyundai has officially confirmed it will hit the market starting in 2021 and now has unveiled the all-new 2022.