Vernon Hyundai

‘Expanding Human Reach’ through Robotics, the Metaverse & ‘Metamobility’ with Hyundai

Earlier this month Hyundai Motor Company shared a vision for pioneering the use of robotics in the real world through virtual reality and the metaverse. This vision was shared under the theme of 'Expanding Human Reach'and reflected how the company's robotics business has a goal to help drive the paradigm shift in future mobility reaching beyond the traditional means of transportation to an unlimited freedom of movement for all.
Hyundai revealed its new concept of 'Metamobility', with a goal to pioneer a smart device-metaverse connection that aims to expand the role of mobility allowing people to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space. This vision includes robots acting as a medium between the real world and virtual spaces, which will enable all of humankind to make changes in the metaverse and have these changes reflected in reality.
The Metaverse is destined to become a space where people visit daily and Hyundai foresees the emergence of a new type of metaverse platform where the distinction between reality could completely disappear, moving away from the concept of Virtual Reality as the world knows it today. What used to be only a virtual experience will now be reflected in the real world through the connection of smart devices, allowing individuals to have unlimited freedom between these two worlds. Hyundai defines this bridge between realities and this concept of experience as Metamobility.
How will this bridging of realities come to fruition? Hyundai sees robotics to serve as a medium to connect the virtual and real worlds. An automobile that connects to virtual spaces will allow individuals to enjoy various in-car VR experiences. For example, a car can be transformed into an entertainment space, a meeting room for work or even a 3D video game platform. This connection between the metaverse and the world of robotics will allow users to guide a robot in the real world through virtual reality.