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Spring Service and What You Should Know About Wheel Alignment & Suspension

Spring Service and What You Should Know About Wheel Alignment & Suspension


Harsh winters take a toll on our streets and roads and the results can be detrimental to your vehicle. Poor road conditions like potholes and broken asphalt are more common after snowy winter months and can cause severe damage and potentially harm your vehicle's alignment and/or suspension components. At Vernon Hyundai we want to make sure your vehicle runs its best this spring, which is why we compiled notes on what to look for.



First, let's look at how your vehicle loses wheel alignment. We mentioned the effect of harsh winter weather but what about every day driving habits and other road conditions? Hitting a curb, running over potholes and driving too quickly over speed bumps can all contribute to mis-aligned wheels. Everyday driving and normal wear and tear are contributors, as are minor collisions or slamming on your brakes too hard/too fast.



When is it time for a wheel alignment? You may notice that tires have uneven/unusual wear, the vehicle leans or pulls to one side, an off centered steering wheel - it just does not sit straight - or you hear a squeaking sound as you brake. If these symptoms occur, we recommend setting an appointment for a brief alignment and suspension test.



What about the benefits of a wheel alignment? A proper wheel alignment provides improved steering and handling, smoother driving, longer lasting tires and increased fuel efficiency. So, when it comes to suspension, it's best to pay close attention to detail and care for any issues.

When you bring your vehicle in to our certified technicians at Vernon Hyundai, your vehicle will receive a thorough inspection of wheels and tires, alignment check and adjustment (if necessary), 360 degree walk-around inspection and a road test to make sure you're back on the road with the utmost care.

It's our aim to help you drive safely and confidently all spring, preparing for the travel and adventure your summer season will bring. We hope that you found this information helpful. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Vernon Hyundai. Our team of experts is here to help.

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