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Striving for excellence and achieving Gold- Vernon Hyundai provides the best in Customer Experience.

Striving for excellence and achieving Gold- Vernon Hyundai provides the best in Customer Experience.

Hyundai Canada is proud to host the Customer Experience Championship, a prestigious event that brings together 10 accomplished Sales Representatives, 10 proficient Service Advisors, and 10 skilled Service Technicians from across the country. This championship serves as a platform for these individuals to engage in a spirited skills competition, to determine the absolute best in their respective roles within Canada.


In this remarkable contest, our very own Jesse Nicholson has achieved the impressive feat of securing the GOLD position – solidifying his status as the premier Sales Consultant in the entire country. Also, our esteemed Danny Mendes has garnered the well-deserved bronze award within his category, further highlighting his prowess in the Service division. Notably, Jared Sochan also participated in this event held in Toronto, reflecting his dedication and commitment to the brand and our customers.



It is with immense pride that we acknowledge the exceptional representation of these three outstanding individuals – as brand ambassadors and shining examples of the excellence embodied by Vernon Hyundai. Their outstanding performances have earned them recognition – with two out of the three securing medals – a feat that underscores their worthy efforts.



Undoubtedly, stepping into these roles and delivering on such high expectations is a formidable task, and yet these members of our team have surpassed these challenges through their unwavering dedication to the Hyundai brand and respective crafts. We are delighted to spotlight the achievements of Jared Sochan in Sales, Danny Mendes in Service, and Jesse Nicholson, who has received the prestigious gold medal.


In an exciting continuation, Jesse's remarkable accomplishment has propelled him to the next stage: the GLOBAL Customer Experience Championship. Here, he will proudly represent both Vernon Hyundai and Hyundai as a whole, on the global stage. This outstanding achievement is a testament to exceptional abilities and offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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