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Pay it forward

This past year-and-a-half has been rough. People have lost jobs, homes and loved ones. We've had to deal with a pandemic, forest fires, extreme heat, businesses closing and a multitude of layoffs. It hasn't been easy. From the beginning, our community has continued to support us and now we want to show our appreciation by "Paying it Forward".

> We're giving away a Mazda MPV!

> Nominate someone you think deserves a free vehicle.

> Tell us why in the nomination form.

> Winner will also receive:

- 12 months Powertrain warranty.

- 3 months of insurance paid for by Vernon Hyundai.

- Full tank of gas, fully detailed and inspected.

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    The Details

    Vernon Hyundai's "Paying it Forward Campaign" will give away a Mazda MPV to someone negatively impacted by COVID-19 who would benefit from receiving a reliable form of transportation.

    Life is tough enough these days. Living without a vehicle can make it even more difficult. We hope to be able to change someone's life by "Paying it Forward" the best way we know how.

    Vernon Hyundai has been an integral part of the City of Vernon and surrounding communities for many years - we are part of the fabric and culture of the Okanagan.

    We look forward to "Paying if Forward" and welcome your nomination.

    Q & A

    1. Are you really giving a car away?
    Yes we are, and it's not a clunker. It has been thoroughly assessed by our service technicians and has passed our stringent safety inspection.

    2. Why are you giving away a car?
    We feel everyone deserves reliable transportation and because Vernon and surrounding communities have continued to support us these last 17 months, we want to "Pay if Forward" by giving back. We chose this campaign because we can't think of a better way to support our community than to provide reliable transportation to someone in their time of need.

    3. How can I nominate someone?
    The important part of "Paying it Forward" is to make sure this Mazda MPV goes to someone who truly needs it. Click HERE to nominate someone you know. Let us know why this reliable vehicle would change and improve their life.

    4. Where do I make my submission?
    Using the above form, copy and paste your written submission into the form field.

    5. How will you determine who receives this vehicle?
    Once the submission period closes, we will submit all entries to an unbiased panel of Vernon Hyundai and Wyant Group management, to select the nominee who they believe will benefit most greatly.

    6. If I'm chosen, can I sell this car?
    The terms and conditions of this campaign state that the vehicle must be accepted as awarded and may not be substituted, transferred or redeemed for cash or credit for a minimum of one year.

    7. When do nominations end?
    Nominations will conclude December 6th, 2021 at 12:00pm.

    8. I have a question that I don't see the answer to and want to speak to someone directly, where should I go?
    Contact our General Manager Nathan Mackintosh at , he would be happy to hear from you.